Flight Data Recorders

Muirhead Avionics provides readout services to operators, MROs, Leasing companies and accident investigation organisations worldwide and has a comprehensive database available for aircraft operating under most major regulatory authorities.

We have been providing flight data services for over 30 years and currently accomplish over 2000 readouts per year, both annual and incident related. With a software database comprising over 1000 active programs for analysing FDR data, Muirhead Avionics can cater for most aircraft types flying today from general aviation to the latest wide-body commercial airliners such as A380 and B787 and military transport aircraft such as the A400M and MRTT.

With our team of dedicated data analysts and software developers we have the capability to handle ARINC 542, 542A, 573, 717, 767, binary, packed, unpacked and compressed data supporting both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Downloaded data can be sent to us directly using our AMEfex file exchange system. To register to use AMEfex please click the link at the bottom of this page to create an account and follow the instructions.

Data can also be sent by most forms of media storage, Quick Access Recorder (QAR) or the Flight Data Recorder itself.

As an additional service we have various Data Download Units available for hire

For more information on any of our flight data services please contact our FDR/CVR section at



  • Data frame/Software construction to analyse flight data
  • Annual Mandatory and Incident analysis
  • Quick Access Recorders (QAR) download and transcription
  • On-site data downloading worldwide
  • On-site Parameter checks, installation checkout and upgrade/modification verification worldwide
  • AMEfex Flight data upload suite
  • Data downloaders available to rent
  • AOG Service available

AMEfex (AMETEK File Exchange System)