Instruments / Indicators

Our workshop maintains a wide array of digital and analogue instrumentation and indicating systems installed on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Muirhead Avionics is proud to hold several OEM approvals from major equipment manufacturers such as L3 Technologies, Astronautics, Howell Instruments and Parker Aerospace.

As part of our approvals Muirhead Avionics OEM trained technicians ensure the highest level of service and engineering support covering the following range of equipment

  • Horizontal Situation Indicators (HSI)
  • Attitude Indicators
  • Attitude Director Indicators (ADI)
  • Distance Bearing Indicators (DBI)
  • Radio Distance Magnetic Indicators (RDMI)
  • Engine Indicating System (EIS)
  • Altimeters
  • Gyros
  • Airspeed Indicators (ASI)
  • Vertical Speed Indicators (VSI)
  • Aircraft clocks and Chronographs
  • Temperature/Quantity/Pressure Indicators
  • Torque/RPM Indicators
  • Position Indicators