General Dynamics

PRC-112G CSAR Radio

Combat survival when every second counts.
Isolated personnel can be located faster using the HOOK2® PRC-112G Transceiver. The PRC-112G has proven reliable in the field, and takes the guesswork out of a Combat Search and Rescue mission. Rescue crews will know exactly where you are because the radios’ encrypted GPS updates every second.


QUICDRAW Interrogator

Turn any aircraft into a Combat Search and Rescue aircraft.
Rescue air crews can find survivors faster using the Quickdraw2® to interrogate an PRC-112G® radio. The handheld General Dynamics Quickdraw2 Interrogator quickly plugs into the intercom system of virtually any aircraft, both rotor and fixed-wing, transforming it into a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) platform. The Quickdraw2 Interrogator is more flexible and much more economical than existing radios/interrogators built into aircraft.


SATCOM Base Station

Secure Over The Horizon Rescue Communications
The SATCOM Base Station is designed for global, in-theatre and on-the-move operations. This Base Station provides secure Over-the-Horizon (OTH) data communications with PRC-112G® radios. This system is a powerful, global, cost-effective solution that provides assured communications to military, special forces, law enforcement and government agencies. The self-contained SATCOM Base Station is housed in a rugged carrying case, and includes a laptop computer, Base Station Radio, antenna, and cabling.


URC-200 ManPack Radio

The Standard for Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Radios
The General Dynamics URC-200 (V2) Line of Sight Transceiver makes radio communications easier and more effective – without compromising privacy. This family of field-proven radios is backed by over two decades of production experience. This upgraded radio offers full compatibility with all currently fielded URC-200 accessories and includes the following benefits:

  • Adaptable to many applications, including manpack, rackmount, vehicular and intercom
  • Covers from 30 to 420 frequency range with optional frequency enhancements
  • RS-232 interface allows for remote control access for both single and multiple remote operations
  • Frequency Agile Co-site Filter reduces interference for Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications
  • Frequencies are easy to set and access via the front-panel control presets