Navigation Aids

Southern Avionics Company (SAC)

Southern Avionics are the industry-recognised leader in the manufacturing of navigational transmitters such as low frequency Non-Directional Radio Beacons (NDBs)

For 51 years, Southern Avionics Company has been providing safe and reliable navigation aids for industrial, civil, and military users throughout the world. Southern Avionics’ products and services lead the industry as a navigation solution for both aviation and maritime situations.

Today thousands of users on land and at sea continually rely upon the same product quality and reliability that have made Southern Avionics the industry standard in low frequency radio beacon technology.

SE-125 NDB

The SE Series NDB transmitter uses state of the art technology including powerful Renesas© Microcontrollers and Analog Devices© Direct Digital Synthesizers to provide accurate beacon signals in power ranging from 10 Watts to full rated carrier power.

  • 125-Watt carrier power
  • Programmable for any frequency from 190-650 kHz
  • Optionally Programmable from 650 to 1250 kHz and 1500 to 1800 kHz

The SE provides simplified set-up & maintenance procedures, comprehensive BITE, and full Ethernet capability.

Remote Control Unit